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Patent Pending : PCT/US21/35982

  • The system directly couples to an existing CNC platform.  Greatly reducing cost allowing for lower entry cost to the additive manufacturing industry.

  • The system sources material directly from the ceramic and metal injection molding industry.

  • Multiple deposition nozzles allow for bulk material deposition for rapid build times.  Fine material for high resolution and the ability to use support material armature design features.

  • Subtractive manufacturing for high resolution and difficult feature manufacture (i.e. threads prior to sintering) 

  • Extensive material availability

  • Ability to integrate fiber deposition for  generation of  Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMC's)


  • System is driven by an external PLC system designed to work in conjunction  with the major CNC controls M codes (FANUC, HAAS, MITSUBISHI (MAZAK), HEINDENHAIM, and SIEMENS)

  • System is flexible in its ability to expand capabilities as the customer desires (multiple nozzles purchased individually

  • Build platform is dictated by the size of the machine)

  • System can be transferred from one CNC platform to another.

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